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Welcome to Forward Family Therapy!  Thanks for visiting our site, we are glad you are here!  We hope you find this site helpful in answering your questions about who we are,  the services we offer, and mental health therapy in general.

Are you facing a crisis or challenge that is overwhelming you?

Are you struggling to break free from the grips of depression or anxiety?

Are you frustrated with your children and find yourself being a kind of parent you don't like?

Are past memories keeping you stuck?

Are you having trouble managing relationships in your life?

Whatever your experience, you are likely visiting this site because you are considering therapy.  Good for You!  We believe that people deserve guidance and support through difficult challenges, and we hope you believe that you deserve this, too.  Individual therapy provides a unique experience in which people can spend a concentrated amount of time on themselves and their needs.  When this time is granted, clients can overcome challenges, resolve pain, and achieve the personal growth they are seeking.

Because you are unique, you deserve a therapist who will tailor your therapy to meet your individual needs.  Rest assured that your treatment plan is designed specifically for you, with techniques and approaches that you are comfortable with, and that are effective in helping you attain your goals.  We count on each of our clients to be active in their therapy, their goals, and their overall progress.

Again, welcome.  If you do not get all of your questions answered here, please call one of us to schedule a free, 15 minute phone consultation.  We hope to be hearing your story and encouraging your wellness soon!

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