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About Kate Leak, LCSW


Kate believes that we all have things in our lives that we wish hadn't happened.  Hard things happen all the time, and they're part of what make us human.  Those challenges can change how you view the world, and how you view yourself--sometimes in a way that makes it hard to respond the way you want to when new challenges arise.  But you don't have to continue living under the weight of these difficulties.  You have the capacity to adapt new information, and to gain new insights that help you to view your past and present differently.  She believes that through the work and healing done in therapy, a better future can be created.

Kate is trained in Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) and received her approved EMDR consultant status from EMDRIA in October 2022.  She received her EMDR basic training in 2018 and has received additional in-depth training and consultation to support her growth and development as an EMDR clinician.  Kate utilizes a collaborative approach with clients to support self-efficacy and empowerment, and works to engage clients in parts work or exploring parts of self.

If you would like to schedule a session with Kate, please call 720-235-8248.  She is in-person at Forward Family Therapy Monday through Fridays and also offers telehealth options.  Kate currently accepts Kaiser clients, as well as self-pay clients.  Her self-pay rate is $140 per 50 minute session.  

Kate also offers EMDR Intensives, a specialized and premium service to expedite healing for her clients.  EMDR Intensives are typically three hour sessions offered at $160 per hour and must be booked in advance.  EMDR Intensives are not typically insurance eligible.  

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