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What are EMDR Intensives?

EMDR intensives are structured as prolonged EMDR sessions (approximately 3 hours), twice a week for two weeks.  Additional intensive sessions can be scheduled as appropriate, and can also be reduced if not all four 3-hour sessions are needed. 


What are the benefits of doing EMDR intensives?

  • Clients experience relief much more quickly.  The same material can be covered and reprocessed in a two-week period instead of through weekly or biweekly sessions spanning a few months.
  • If treatment with your regular therapist feels like it has stalled, EMDR intensives can jump start that healing.  You can then return to your regular therapist and continue your work.
  • Research shows that due to reduced treatment time and effectiveness of the EMDR model, the “benefits [of intensives] were durable, achieved quickly, and with minimal dropout” (Greenwald, R., & Camden, A.A. 2022).

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